We’re proud of our range of beers and strive to maintain a consistency of quality. Our customers find that our beers are easy to drink, sometimes too easy. Since our early days in 2005, we’ve picked up lots of awards and come to treat all of our beers like old friends of the family.

Spot ‘O’ Bother @5.5 ABV

Beer of the festival Halifax 2008 Runner up Keighley 2008

Gold Award Beer of the festival Leicester 2009

A Porter with a chocolate ice-cream for-taste and a slight liquorish bitterness to finish a very complex brew

Inn-Spired @4.3 ABV

Beer of the festival Ilkley 2008

A light coloured beer with a light hoppy taste and a slight fruity finish

Light But Dark @4.0 ABV

A chestnut coloured bitter @4.0 ABV with a slight malty for-taste and a pleasant bitter finish an ideal session beer

O S B @4.5 ABV

A golden coloured bitter a full bodied bitter

Spot Light @4.2 ABV

A light coloured ale light in colour with a pleasant hoppy aftertaste

Darkside Pup @ 3.6 ABV

A full bodied dark mild with a deep coffee for-taste and a liquorish to finish